The Internet Company's Art Business

gS-des GALLERYh is an Art Project brand name (provides the art publications to real artworks) operated by the internet company, Sony Digital Entertainment Service Inc.

The Sony Digital's cell phone based internet site users are mainly focused in the age group of teens to 30's - known as gthe cell phone generationh. To them, enjoying the genres like comic books, music and fashion leads to the extension that relates to art. From having the Mona Lisa to the pictures of pets as a screensaver, gthe cell phone generationh are the owners with the sense of mind; seeing both as an entertaining art in the same level.

They may visit the museum and purchase a mug with the art prints as a souvenir, but they wouldn't bring themselves to a place like an art gallery in Ginza where bunching up expensive traditional artworks.

From our experience as the internet content provider, Sony Digital takes mission to open up new lifestyle to gthe cell phone generationh who has neither felt nor found uniqueness of real artwork.

The Cultural DNA

One example of a great masterpiece is scroll painting called gChōjū-gigah (1300 - 1400) the scroll of frolicking animals has been claimed by scholars to be the beginning of Japanese anime/character tradition. During tough Buddhist training, the monks were enjoying the scroll painting for a fleeting moment with their fellows. This was the beginning of Japanese manga culture. Continuing to gukiyoeh and gnetsukeh of the Edo period (1603 - 1868) surely the practice and believes are passed down to many generations. Even now, we can see the DNA of Japanese entertainment spirit at our cell phone straps.

The New Lifestyle

Visiting to gS-des GALLERYh, you will find the integration of traditional Japanese art and contemporary art. gS-des GALLERYh is introducing various artists. All of the works of art have the new modern ideas - harmonization of Japanese ink and acrylic paint, collage of stickers only from the plastic models, ceramics that floats in the air. We promise to offer the new lifestyle of art into everyday life to the cell phone generation. Just like how they often go to music event and party!

It is our pleasure to present our artists and their works to the world.
gS-des GALLERYh is a proud to transmit gCOOL JAPANh program from Tokyo!

Sony Digital Entertainment



Sony Digital Entertainment is an internet company that creates new style entertainment for cell phone based on Tokyo, and a subsidiary of Sony Corporation.

Mobile hand-set is a part of body for the gGeneration Xh, and it is very natural them to carry as a comic, book as a game machine or as a character icon.

To deliver the Sony Digital Entertainment produced contents to customers, we ensure to reverberate and light up their hearts. We believe that mobile media is the first-class media with the highest freshness.

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